Sifting Through Your Car Insurance Quotes

If you have already done the leg work with your car insurance research, chances are that you have several or possibly even several dozen car insurance quotes to decide between. You have cheap car insurance quotes as well as expensive car insurance quotes, and you are not quite sure where to go from here. Here is some help in sorting through your car insurance quotes.

The Cheap Car Insurance Quotes
Chances are you have several cheap car insurance quotes, ranging from the very cheap car insurance quote to the moderately cheap car insurance quote. To differentiate between these car insurance quotes you need to look at the fine print. What type of extra services do these companies offer? Do they have towing or rental cars to help you in the case of an accident? Or is the coverage just bare minimum coverage? If you still cannot decide which cheap car insurance quote is better than the other, look online for some customer reviews. Most online car insurance quotes are free online car insurance quotes, so many people will get a quote from each company. You will have many different reviews to look into. Look for how quickly the companies process claims, how quickly they send people out to process the vehicle claim, and if they actually do offer things like towing and rental cars. If they do offer towing and rental cars, try to find reviews on the rental cars that they use as well as their towing company. All of this will help you to chose between your cheap car insurance quotes.

The Expensive Car Insurance Quotes
You probably also have several expensive car insurance quotes that are nowhere near the cheap car insurance quotes. You might be wondering why these insurances are so expensive when compared to the cheaper quotes that you were given. Chances are that these more expensive car insurances offer more perks and more coverage than the cheaper ones. Look into exactly what coverage you have with these companies. Are you covered if a tree falls on your car? For most of the cheaper insurances, the answer is no. But if you have a more expensive car insurance, you just might be covered. Some insurances do not cover one car accidents, either, like if you ran into a fence. If you chose to have this coverage, you will probably pay more for your premium.

Why Find Your Car Insurance Rate Online?

So you’ve heard of people who buy their car insurance online. Are rates the same? Better? Are there other reasons to get your car insurance rate online? Compare the online experience with your last auto insurance shopping adventure.

The Convenience Is A Winner
For convenience, you can’t beat online shopping for a car insurance rate. You can do it any time of the day or night, over the Internet. There’s no need to get dressed up and go into an insurance sales office. You can keep your fuzzy bunny slippers and robe on – no one’s gonna see what you’re wearing as you sit down in front of your computer and shop for auto insurance.

Time’s NOT A Wastin’
If you’ve been into an insurance agents office, you know that the pace is usually pretty laid back, with just two speeds: slow and stop. They’re not in any hurry to get you in and out of there. They’ll be there all day anyhow, so let’s discuss this other alternate rider you can get on your policy, etc…. If you like that kind of socialization, please go the traditional route and visit an insurance office. Be sure you have plenty of time. For those of us who lead busier lives, shopping online for a car insurance rate fits our lifestyle. We can pick and choose which type of coverage we want – often just copying the coverage we want to replace – and not have an agent standing by trying to coax us to a more beneficial (to him) policy.

Changes? A Breeze!
If there are changes you want to make to your policy, if you got your car insurance rate online then it is simple to make modifications. No need to bother your agent to try out a different configuration. Check it online. How much will it save you if you take off the car rental rider? Or move your adult daughter to her own policy? Or add in your new teen driver? All these things and much more can be checked online, whenever you want, without needed to call an office.

Any Cautions?
If you don’t know what type of coverage you need, you might want to learn more. You can usually call an agent’s office – or stop by – and they’ll be happy to education you on the differences between liability, comprehensive, and collision. They can also help you know what amount of coverage would be right in your situation. If you already know that stuff, though, try getting your new car insurance rate online!

Comprehensive Mexican Car Insurance Coverage

A few years ago, I went on a vacation to San Diego with my family. While we were there, we thought it would be fun to cross the border into Mexico since it was such a short drive. We just went over with our rental vehicle without even thinking twice about what we were doing. It was only much later when discussing the trip with some friends that I learned how lucky I was not have gotten into a fender bender in Tijuana — especially since I didn’t have Mexican car insurance coverage before crossing over.

Apparently, American rentals are not automatically insured in Mexico, which is why it’s a good idea to purchase a temporary Mexican car insurance policy prior to your vacation. This will grant you full coverage regarding accidents and theft, allowing you to enjoy your trip without having to worry about your vehicle. Moreover, carrying Mexican car insurance will help make any dealings with the police a lot easier. This is particularly important since traffic accidents are considered felonies in Mexico and the cops can keep you in custody until all damages are paid in full. I don’t know about you, but I’d just as soon stay out of the jails down there!

Finding cheap Mexican car insurance for your next vacation is a pretty simple process. There are a number of U.S.-based insurers that can help get you set up in a matter of minutes. You can find these insurers online and visit their websites to review particular policies and compare prices. Once you settle on a Mexican car insurance policy that you’d like to purchase, all you have to do is fill out a couple of online forms, submit payment, and then print out a copy of the agreement. After that, you just carry your copy of the policy while driving in Mexico so that you can produce it if or when necessary.

One important point to keep in mind prior to purchasing a Mexican car insurance policy online is to make sure the company you’re buying it from is authorized to do business south of the border. This is the only way your policy will have any official standing, so this is definitely the first question I would ask of any potential provider. In addition, I also recommend familiarizing yourself with the provider’s claims and response procedures so you’ll know exactly what to do in the event of an accident.

Perhaps Drug Rehab Slipped Her Mind?

An Australian member of parliament has called for the children of drug addicts to be permanently removed from their parents and offered for adoption. Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop wants to see adoption, rather than fostering, used to separate children from parents who are battling addiction. Excuse me, but has the honorable member completely forgotten about successful drug rehab programs?

Ms. Bishop, who is currently chairing an Australian parliamentary inquiry into the impact of illicit drug use on families, told the Australian Broadcasting Company’s Four Corners program that the current system is skewed towards the interests of drug-using parents, and not their children. She said there are hundreds of parents who are desperate to adopt children and give them love and good homes, but “there is this ‘biology first’ principle.”

By ignoring that successful drug rehab can keep a family together, and tossing “this biology first principle” on the trash heap, Ms. Bishop nullifies both the proven breakthroughs in the science of drug rehab, as well as one of the most primal urges of human history and experience – the urge for one’s own biological parents, and children.

Ms. Bishop’s detractors have been quick to speak up. Brisbane Youth Service spokeswoman Amanda Davies said there is no evidence that all people that use drugs are unable to parent their children. And Queensland Council of Social Service president Karyn Walsh said there is strong evidence that forced removals cause children long-term harm. “You can’t just go removing children simply because their parents have a drug addiction,” she said. “Children need to know their parents, and not all parents who have a drug addiction are bad parents, or incapable of parenting.